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Perspectives From a Large Body Client - An Anthology of Experiences

Price: $79.00

What is it truly like to be a large-bodied person looking for a personal trainer?  What might they look for?  What might they wish for?  How does your gym facility and staff welcome people of all sizes?  How does your own one-on-one engagement with a large-bodied client impact their impression of you? 

This presentation discusses these concepts and much more.  It touches on the social justice and political movement of Health at Every Size, thin privilege, direct experiences from clients and instructors who identify as fat, and an actual conversation-gone-wrong between a fat client and a trainer.  This presentation is right for you if you want to expand your client base and connect better with large-bodied people, if you have questions you feel too awkward to ask anywhere else, and if are interested in exploring a new paradigm of body diversity.

You will receive a PDF presentation and short quiz which needs to be completed and emailed to in order to receive CEC's.

You have 6 months from the date of purchase to complete this workshop.

Date & Time: Always Available

CEC's: 2 BCRPA/CFES credits

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