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Body Mass Index - History. Purpose. Fall-out.

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We have all heard of the BMI and most of us know it doesn’t tell the full story of someone’s health status.  So why is the BMI so widespread and why do we rely on it as a health indicator?  The foundation of the BMI was developed in the 1830’s and has know taken a life of its own.  Join this journey of the BMI to discover how it was developed, how it was and is used, the gaps and fall-outs it has created, and how you can apply this information to educate and broaden the perspectives of your clients.

You will receive a PDF presentation and short quiz which needs to be completed and emailed to in order to receive CEC's.

You have 6 months from the date of purchase to complete this workshop.
Date & Time: Always Available

CEC's: 2 BCRPA/CFES credits


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