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Eating Disorder Basics

Price: $79.00

What are they?  Who gets them?  How do they start?  This presentation will give students the basic understanding of the latest information on official Eating Disorders, who is at risk of developing one, and how they start.  Students will learn the following:

  • Various eating disorder (ED) classification according to the Diagnostic and Statistical ManualWho gets an ED?

  • Wasting disorders in marginalized communities

  • Signs of an ED

  • Prevalence

  • Mortality Rates

  • Diversity in ED

  • Weight Bias

You will receive a PDF presentation and short quiz which needs to be completed and emailed to in order to receive CEC's.

You have 6 months from the date of purchase to complete this workshop.
Date & Time: Always Available

CEC's: 2 BCRPA/CFES credits

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